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Solar USA: Guerilla Solar Power
Posted by on 2000-11-02 06:18:41
contributed by jabela

Home Power is running a series of articles on Solar Guerillas, these are people who have taken saving the environment into their own hands and sharing their electricity with friends...Needless to say it's completely illegal and we do not condone the practise for safety reasons.

But imagine a system where your electricity meter actually goes backwards, yes that's right these people put electricity back into the grid! The Utility companies are doing everything they can to stop this practise, which is why people are taking the law into their own hands. They even have their own manifesto...

Some Guerillas quote laziness as their reason for going Guerilla, but the majority believe that officialdom will throw every objection possible in their way, some just need revenge! Let's face it if everybody came up with the idea, the Power Generators would end up paying customers for their generous Electricity contributions.

Guerrilla Solar Manifesto

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all energy is freely and democratically provided by Nature, that utilities both public and private have no monopoly on the production and distribution of energy, that this century s monopolization of energy by utilities threatens the health of our environment and the very life of our planet.

We, the Solar Guerrillas of this planet, therefore resolve to place energy made from sunshine, wind, and falling water on this planet's utility grids with or without permission from utilities or governments.

  • We resolve to share this energy with our neighbors without regard for financial compensation.
  • We further resolve that our renewable energy systems will be safe and will not harm utility workers, our neighbors, or our environment.

    Solar Guerrillas of Planet Earth



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