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Posted by gfoat on Nov 27, 2008 - 01:40 PM

Southern Electric, Gala Bingo and their charity partner Sue Ryder Care are offering consumers the chance to ‘go green and save money’ by giving away 3 million energy saving light bulbs at all Gala clubs and Sue Ryder Care stores across the UK.
If all the bulbs given away are fitted, over £11 million can be saved from people’s energy bills each year across the UK and this in turn will save 39,200 tonnes of CO2 per year. The free energy saving light bulbs are just the start. By simply plugging in the light bulbs, consumers will find out if they have a winning green bulb, which could win them an eco friendly Toyota Prius car or £1,000 to spend at the Southern Electric online store.

The campaign to help consumers save money, energy and CO2 emissions was launched on 3rd November and will run throughout the month to raise awareness of the importance of saving energy, while at the same time helping people take action straight away.

Colin Morgan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Gala Bingo comments, “when we were offered the chance to be a partner in this initiative we jumped at the opportunity. Gala Coral has a Corporate Social Responsibility programme in place and this fits perfectly with our core values and beliefs”.

Steven Millward, Energy Efficiency Manager at Southern Electric said, “this campaign is part of our ongoing commitment to help households find ways to use less energy and spend less on their energy bills as a result. Even though people may think it’s almost too small to make an impact, it is an important step in the right direction; and if everyone who collects a free pack of bulbs installs them, the resulting total impact will certainly be significant.

Bridget Auger, Business Development Manager at Sue Ryder Care, said, “we’re delighted to be working with Gala Bingo and Southern Electric in this way. It’s a great initiative and chimes with our own vision to be an environmentally conscious charity. “Earlier this year, Sue Ryder Care signed the Third Sector Climate Change Declaration and through this we have made a commitment to help tackle Climate Change and reduce our shops’ carbon footprint and switching to energy efficient light bulbs is a great start.”

Southern Electric is offering people the chance to insulate homes at a discounted rate or even for free.* Many people do not know that by simply insulating their home they could save up to £380 a year on fuel bills and that they may qualify to receive this insulation absolutely free.


• By switching from a standard 60W bulb to a 15W energy saving light bulb (CFL), you can save £3.70 per year
• Total cost savings across the UK will be £11,200,000 per year
• Total electricity saved by installing all the bulbs will be 104 GWh per year
• This saves up enough electricity to power ALL the streetlights in the UK for 18 days
Carbon emissions
• The free light bulbs will save 39,200 tonnes of CO2 per year
• That’s the equivalent emissions of 6,700 households
• Or the equivalent emissions of driving from Lands End to John O’Groats 70,500 times
• Is enough CO2 to fill 223,000 double decked buses or 7,800 hot air balloons or 8,000 Olympic sized swimming pools
• It could fill the Albert Hall 217 times or Wembley Stadium 5 times or Hampden Park 17 times or the Millennium Stadium 13 times
• It’s also the equivalent of taking approximately 13,500 cars off the road every year for the lifetime of the bulbs (based on The Carbon Neutral Company’s figure of a medium sized car producing approx 3.6 tonnes of carbon per year)
UK Potential
• If everyone in the UK switched to energy saving light bulbs, it would save approximately 3.86 MILLION tonnes of CO2 per year which could collectively save customers up to £1.1 BILLION

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