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Fuel Cell Power No. 41 (Summer 2010)

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Posted by gfoat on Oct 03, 2010 - 06:44 AM

There are already markets for fuel cells as generators of low power for computers, CCTV, remote monitoring systems, LED lighting and reliable back up. This summer fuel cells are contributing to a variety of leisure activities, providing portable power for boats or bikes. They can either be refuelled with methanol, or hydrogen fuel cells can be recharged from micro wind and solar energy. Procurement of fuel cells by regional and local governments is helping to expedite the volume production of fuel cells. In Australia, the Victorian Government is installing fuel cells in homes and in the UK the City of Leicester is hosting the first fuel cell car project. Fuel cells also provide an efficient, quiet, space-saving power source for hospitals, schools, universities and data centres. See the full article at Fuel Cell Power. [1]

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