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US:New hydrogen storage and delivery system

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Posted by 2 on Mar 27, 2002 - 07:54 AM

FuelSell Technologies who specialize in Hydrogen-based energy have come up with an ingenious hydrogen storage device. The small Fuel Cassettes store and enable safe transportation of hydrogen as non-pressurized, non-liquid Hydrogen "H-matrix", enabling the release of hydrogen directly into the fuel cell on demand. The system is a proprietary service that safely and efficiently distributes 99.999% pure hydrogen directly to consumers and businesses to power fuel cells and for direct use. The Fuel Cassettes made from non-hazardous materials can be shipped anywhere at anytime to power vehicles, homes, offices, factories or devices. The company has also just demonstrated ShareGrid MobileTM, the world’s first portable personal energy management system. The system is capable of being run from any common handheld mobile device such as an iPAQ or Palm. See the full details at fuelsell technologies [1]

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