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UK: Ecotricity for sale at The Body Shop

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Posted by gfoat on Aug 19, 2002 - 08:23 AM

From this week The Body Shop customers can register their homes to be powered by Ecotricity. The world’s first green electricity company, Ecotricity is teaming up with the retailer to promote its new home supply service. The Body Shop has been powered by Ecotricity [1] since 2000 and this initiative is enabling customers to do their bit for the environment. Stores in England and Wales are now displaying Ecotricity’s Freepost registration postcards - ‘A breath of fresh air for the next generation’ - which customers can complete and post into the shop’s Action Stations.

Every person who switches to Ecotricity is helping to create new sources of environmentally friendly electricity, now and for the future. And it doesn’t cost anymore than polluting conventional electricity. Customers receive an additional 10% of their electricity from new wind turbines every year, for the same price that they’re paying their local (incumbent) supplier. Ecotricity is dedicated to building new sources of green energy – crucial in the fight against climate change - to make clean electricity to supply to its customers.

This partnership follows The Body Shop Choose Positive Energy campaign which promoted the use of renewable energy [2] across the world, and which draws to a close at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg [3] later this month (begins 26 August). Over one and a half million The Body Shop [4] customers have called on world leaders to bring renewable energy to two billion people in the developing world.

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