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Zhejiang: 10000 MW New Installations over 5 Year Period

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Posted by gfoat on Mar 03, 2003 - 10:32 AM

Along with the economic development of the Zhejiang province, the electric power shortage problem reappears. To solve the problem, the provincial government recently determined to speed up the electric power construction among the "5 Ten-Billion Projects". Over the next 5 years, 10 000 MW electric power installations shall be accomplished in the province.

Electric power is one of the key economy sectors of the province. Over the last five years (1998-2002), development of the electric power industry in the province was quite fast. During this period, some 10000 MW of power capacity construction have been started and until end 2002, Zhejiang has a power generation capacity of 20 640 MW and a power generation output of 86 600 million kwh.

However, along with the rapid economic development, the electric power supply again cannot meet the demand within the province. It is predicted that 9050 MW of new power generation and 57 300 millions kwh of power out are needed over the 2003-2007 period, but there are currently only 4200 MW of power generation plants under construction, therefore there is quite a gap between demand and supply.

To alleviate the possible impact on economic development due to power shortage, construction of new or expansion of power generation units/plants are planned during that period.

They are:

  • Phase II and III of Qingshan Nuclear Power Plant,
  • Tongbo Pumped Storage Power Plant,
  • Phase II of Jiaxing Power Plant,
  • Changxin Power Plant,
  • Phase III of Wenzhou Power Plant,
  • Guohua Ninghai Power Plant,
  • Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant,
  • Banshan Power Plant's Natural Gas Firing Extension,
  • Zhenhai Power Plant's Oil to Gas Conversion,
  • Xiaoshan Power Plant's Natural Gas Extension,
  • Tankeng Hydropower Plant.
  • Preliminary reparations for the Sanmen Nuclear Power Station,
  • West Zhejiang Coal Fired Power Plant, Coastal Area Large Scale Coal Fired Power Plant,
  • Ningbo Yinglongshan Power Plant
  • and LNG Power Plant shall be accelerated.

    At the same time, several power grids will be constructed to improve the power transmission and distribution capacity. For more information see Solaies Power International [1]

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