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UK: New Associations for the 21st century

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Posted by gfoat on Aug 05, 2003 - 06:11 PM

The Electricity Association (EA) has formally announced that it is to restructure with effect from 30 September 2003. A new body is being formed to represent energy network operations, while generation responsibilities will be handled by the Association of Electricity Producers (AEP) and retail activities will be the responsibility of the recently established Energy Retail Association (ERA).

EA has also reassessed its consultancy operations. These services will either, be absorbed into one of the new trade bodies, sold or closed.

Speaking on behalf of the EA Board Paul Golby, EA President said:

“This is an important step in the evolution of the energy industry. The EA has long been recognised as the voice of the electricity industry. However, with the changes that have occurred in the industry in recent years, and the convergence of electricity and gas markets, a stronger sector focus is now required. The three associations will be truly representative bodies for each of the energy sectors, with individual identities and issues to pursue. Together they will provide an informed voice for the electricity and gas industry.”

Robin MacLaren, Acting Chairman of the new Energy Networks Association commented:

“The EA has served the networks sector well over the years but with such issues as distributed generation, investment and skills shortages facing the industry it was apparent that we needed a more strategic focus for our activities. For this reason we have put communications at the centre of our new organisation, with strategy development and regulation being the drivers behind all of our operations.”


1. The Electricity Association (EA), the national trade association representing the interests of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and supply companies in the UK. The Association was established on 30 March 1990.

2. Details regarding the various elements of the restructure are detailed below:

Energy Networks Association
The Energy Networks Association (ENA) will be operational from 1 October 2003. Founding members include:

  • Aquila Networks
  • EDF Energy (formerly EPN, LPN and Seeboard Power Networks)
  • National Grid Transco (National Grid and Transco)
  • Northern Electric Distribution (NEDL and YEDL)
  • Northern Ireland Electricity (Transmission and Distribution)
  • East Midlands Electricity ( a division of Powergen)
  • Scottish and Southern Energy (Scottish Hydro-Electric Transmission, Scottish Hydro-Electric Power Distribution and Southern Electric Power Distribution)
  • ScottishPower (SP Transmission, SP Distribution and SP Manweb)
  • United Utilities
  • Western Power Distribution.

    ENA will have a staff of 19 in the form of three teams covering policy, technical and finance and administration. Membership will be open to all owners and operators of energy networks. Initially this will mean holders of licences for such activities (ie for transmission and/or distribution of electricity and/or gas). Professor Robin MacLaren, Managing Director SP Transmission and Distribution, is Acting Chairman of the new body. Nick Goodall has been appointed as Launch Director and David Smith as Director of Policy.

    For further information regarding the EA restructure please contact the [1]

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