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MARS: Beagle 2 has reached the Martian surface !

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Posted by gfoat on Dec 25, 2003 - 11:36 AM

Beagle 2 [1] has reached the Martian surface but still we are not sure if it did survive the 20,000 kilometres per hour ride! It was thought that the friction with the thin atmosphere would slow it down as it descended and the lander would be protected by a heat-shield. Scientists still do not have the answers. Did the two parachutes work; did the large gas-filled bags inflate to protect the lander as it bounced on the surface? When Beagle 2 came to a halt did the lander open up, and did the solar panels unfold? Only time will tell. Reports suggest that the team is conducting a continuous search for Beagle 2. This is not the case - there are only select communication windows when a search can be carried out. The next window occurs this evening when the Jodrell Bank telescope [2] will seek out a signal from Beagle 2. At 10:40 pm it will begin to transmit an on/off sequence [3] each minute - like very slow Morse Code - and about nearly 9 minutes later the signals should reach Earth after a journey of 98 million miles. The next chance to try again with Odyssey will be Boxing Day evening. Read the full details here. [4]


To get the mono ringtone text BEAGLE 48155 and send to 88000 (eg. BEAGLE 48155)

For the polyphonic* ringtone text BEAGLEP 'handset model' 52734 and send to 88000 (eg. If you have a 7650 you would text BEAGLEP 7650 52734) Ringtones cost the standard price for sending a text message plus the cost to download via GPRS (polyphonic only).

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