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Posted by 2 on Jul 20, 2004 - 11:52 AM

COGEN Europe has today published "The European Cogeneration Review – United Kingdom" This latest Review, in a series of successful publications on the national situations for cogeneration in EU countries, takes stock of the development, current situation and prospects of cogeneration in the United Kingdom. It tracks the many regulatory, socio-economic and political changes that are affecting the market for cogeneration, taking into account the impacts of European energy market liberalisation, increased pressure to meet Kyoto Protocol targets and the European quest for a secure, sustainable supply of energy.

The report takes stock of the current situation, market conditions, policies, support schemes, and prospects of cogeneration development in the UK. Having identified the negative impacts of deregulated liberalisation, the New Electricity Trading Agreements (NETA), and of overly complex administrative structures, the report stresses the need for quick reforms in order to create stable and harmonised regulated market conditions favourable for cogeneration. In addition, the cogeneration industry will have to be very attentive in the coming years to developments in emissions trading and will have to carefully monitor the drafting of the UK's second National Allocation Plan, which will cover the 2008-2012 period.

Members can order this latest report now for free. It will be available to non members from the 18th August at a price of €80. Previous reports include Greece, Ireland, Spain and France. Forthcoming reports will include Denmark and the Netherlands. Information and orders of the European Cogeneration Review: [1]

CHP, Combined Heat and Power, or cogeneration is the simultaneous production of heat and electricity. This proven technology produces around 10% of Europe’s electricity and heat requirements and has a significant growth potential, which will lead to an improved environment and greater economic competitiveness. It is a highly efficient energy solution that delivers substantial reductions in greenhouse gases and other pollutants and is the single largest solution to meeting the Kyoto Protocol on climate change for Europe. COGEN Europe is Europe’s umbrella organisation representing the interests of the cogeneration industry, users of the technology and promoting its benefits in the EU and the wider Europe. The association is backed by the key players in the industry including gas and electricity companies, ESCOs, equipment suppliers, consultancies, national promotion organisations, financial and other service companies.

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