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Energy Efficiency Directive takes the first step

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Posted by gfoat on Jun 09, 2005 - 04:00 AM

“The result of the voting shows that Europe takes energy savings seriously! (Voting in the European Parliament’s Plenary Session on the report of Mechtild
Rothe, MEP and President of EUFORES on the Energy End-Use Efficiency
and Energy Services Directive (COM (2003)739) This
Directive will realise the huge savings potential of the EU Member States.
Therefore we need this energy efficiency initiative”, said Rapporteur of the
Directive, Member of the PSE Group in the European Parliament and President
of EUFORES Mechtild Rothe after the voting in the plenary session on 07 June

The European Parliament decided in its first reading to support binding energy saving targets of 11.5 % by 2015 for the Member States with an overwhelming majority.

“Taking into account the fact that the overall end-consumption of energy could be
reduced by 20-30% without any restrictions on our way of life, this target of the
Directive is eminently achievable. Each Member State can realise the target in a cost efficient way. 50% of energy could be saved only in the buildings sector Europeanwide.

This would lead to a reduction of 400 Million Tonnes of CO-2 emissions.
Furthermore the consumer saves money: Energy saving means money saving!
Alongside the further promotion of renewable energy sources, energy saving is the
right instrument to tackle environmental concerns, the worldwide increase of energy demand and prices, and reduce the energy dependency of the EU.
Furthermore this Directive will give a positive signal to further technological
innovation in this sector, benefiting the related European industry”, said MEP
Mechtild ROTHE.

In order to achieve the targets the Directive foresees the promotion of energy services and more consumer information. "We have to raise the awareness for energy saving by the means of information campaigns, energy consultancy and detailed but easy to read energy bills in order to convey to the European citizens the win-win situation energy savings create. The European Parliament therefore has strenghtend these consumer rights“, said Mechtild Rothe.

„Now the Council has to show that it understands the increasing importance of energy efficiency in a world of rising oil prices, greater energy dependence and growing threats of global warming.

Talking about innovation and competitiveness, the Council mustn’t weaken this
directive. This Directive strenghtens the European economy and creates jobs.
Whoever takes energy efficiency seriously cannot have any complaint against binding targets. I hope very much that the Council will clearly follow the impressive voting of the European Parliament“, Mechtild Rothe said.

As a co-decision procedure, the European Parliament and the Council have to find an agreement, now after the first reading in the second reading or in the Concilation procedure to let the Directive pass.

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