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Posted by gfoat on Sep 20, 2006 - 01:00 PM

Starting September 15th 06 the Harlem Ambassadors’ Red, White and Blue professional show basketball tour [1] will go green as it partners with Golden Fuel Systems [2] to implement green car technology on the team’s touring van, converting the vehicle to run on clean-burning vegetable oil. The Harlem Ambassadors’ Stars and Stripes tour will make the conversion in January of 2007.

“As dependency on gasoline becomes an increasingly significant national and local concern, the Harlem Ambassadors are proud to use renewable resources that leave less of an impact on the environment than gas or diesel fuel and drive one fewer vehicle reliant on foreign oil,” said Harlem Ambassadors President and General Manager Dale Moss. “We’re also excited to join Golden Fuel Systems in the quest to put alternative energy in the mainstream.”

As part of the tour, Harlem Ambassadors will partner with local community members and educators currently using or interested in learning how to use this form of technology. Individuals who contribute clean, filtered vegetable oil will become Harlem Ambassadors Green Team members and will receive an appreciation package for their fuel donation, which includes a free Harlem Ambassadors t-shirt and an opportunity to meet the team and sit on the Harlem Ambassadors bench at a game.

The conversion kits provided by Golden Fuel Systems make it possible for a diesel engine to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO) such as used in restaurants. The technology is built on Rudolf Diesel’s early design for the engine to run on peanut oil.

Unlike biodiesel, which requires chemical modification, no toxic additives are needed to make waste vegetable oil road-ready. WVO collected from restaurants needs only to be filtered. The converted fuel system warms and thins the oil before it is burned in the engine.

Feeding on the American appetite for fried food, the use of WVO as an alternative fuel is on the rise. And the benefit is considerable: WVO-powered vehicles emit low to no sulfur emissions and lower unburned hydrocarbons and reduced carbon monoxide and particulate levels than gas or diesel-burning vehicles. The fuel also leaves a trail of fragrant burn-off – the sweet smell of doughnuts from bakery fry grease or sesame and seafood from a leftover tempura bath.

During the 2006-07 season, the Harlem Ambassadors will travel throughout 45 states, bringing high-quality, family friendly entertainment to over 220 communities and military bases in North America.

“We think we’ve made an organic slam dunk,” Moss said. “And we hope people in the communities we perform in will feel the same.”

If you are interested in vegetable oil technology and want to assist the Harlem Ambassadors in using this fuel when they come to your community, please contact the Harlem Ambassadors at 1-800-386-4667 (1-800-FUN-HOOP) and speak with Green Team coordinator Andria Simons. Educators may request a how-to packet for use in the classroom.

For more information about Golden Fuel Systems, visit [3]

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