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Posted by gfoat on Mar 13, 2007 - 10:32 AM

The innovative site sits on a proven software platform for business and commerce known in the fuel cell market place, which has a reputation for reliability and functionality. Future Energies required a solid user friendly interface in order to provide information about its technologies. The platform brings great possibilities for Future Energies reaching out to most of the world's renewable energy markets and presents a very exciting opportunity. The upgrade comes at a time where the UK draft Climate Change Bill calls for an independent panel to set ministers a "carbon budget" every five years, in a bid to cut emissions by 60% by 2050. The draft legislation will go to public and parliamentary consultation before becoming law next year.

Gordon Foat was co-founder of back in 1999, the first online renewable energy magazine ever to hit the world. Future Energies has years of experience in the industry. Some of the very first environmental reviews conducted in the UK were generated by Gordon Foat now CEO of Future Energies Limited. Foat said, "Future Energies Limited will be our commercial powerhouse towards reducing industry's emissions and making the world a better place." Future Energies Ltd promotes the use of new technologies for delivering, storing and using energy with a view to assist industry to do something positive for the environment.

The company was set up to stimulate and exploit research into future energies, to provide advice on sustainable energy technologies and low carbon renewable energy projects. The government plans include:

  • Targets to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2050, from 1990 levels, and between 26% and 32% by 2020

  • Greater energy efficiency, with more consumers becoming "producers" of their own energy at home

  • Investment in low-carbon fuels and technologies, such as carbon capture and storage, wind, wave and solar power

  • Carbon "budgets" - which cap emissions levels - set every five years

  • The government reporting annually to Parliament on its progress in controlling emissions

    Future Energies Limited is managed by a group of professional environmental project consultants. Company expertise ranges from the electricity supply industry,bio fuels,fuel cells to electric transport. The team offers technical advise on renewable energies particularly in smaller domestic or industrial facilities.

    For more information about how your organisation can reduce emissions contact us using the [1] site.

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