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UK: Working Towards a Low Carbon Future

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Posted by gfoat on Jun 21, 2007 - 01:44 PM

Future Energies dedication to help in the race to lower carbon emissions through its educational on line approach has expanded its interactive horizon. Founder Gordon Foat now Eco Director of Alan Montague Ltd is forging ahead to incorporate the latest technology in the construction of new homes in the picturesque village of Denstone in Staffordshire. With energy saving in mind and lower running costs, each new build incorporates technologies as they come on stream. The latest feature is the installation of new energy efficient light fittings. These are low energy halogen replacement units which reduce consumption from 450 Watts in the average kitchen to just 40 Watts. Other energy saving lighting systems are under observation. High intensity light emitting diode technology could provide a low energy alternative to conventional down lighting. See more info at [1]

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