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UN forecasts green job boom

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Posted by gfoat on Sep 25, 2008 - 04:05 AM

The UN says millions of new jobs will be created globally over the next decades by the development of future energy technologies. Over a million people already work in biofuels, but a UN report says that could increase by 12 million by 2030. The report, 'Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World [1]', was commissioned and funded by the UN's Environment Programme (Unep). The report is the first comprehensive study on the emergence of a “green economy” and its impact on the world of work. It includes new data that shows a changing pattern of employment in which green jobs are being generated in many sectors and economies around the world as a result of measures to tackle climate change and to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. The report [2] raised some concerns for those involved in the manufacture of biofuels. Read more at bbc news. [3]

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